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The West Midlands Group is your local grower group

It's here to provide a local focus on crop and pasture research, horticulture and the role of women in agriculture. Our local focus ensures you get up to date information that's relevant to your business. You'll save hours of your valuable time normally wasted trying to actually find the information you really need.

West Midlands Group has four program areas, each represented by a sub-committee:

  • Cropping Research and Development
  • Livestock Research and Development
  • Potato committee
  • Women's committee

High turnout at WMG’s livestock session & seeding equipment ride and drive day

Eager farmers were keen to obtain an update on sheep nutrition and lice control during the West Midlands Group (WMG) livestock session

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Spring Pasture Tour

Location - Dandaragan, DCRC Bus departs at 9am sharp and returns at 5pm Tickets $20 Members RSVP (08) 9651 4008


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