Soil Conservation R&D Committee

WMG promotes the development of sustainable farming through soil conservation research, development and extension. WMG works collaboratively with industry and government research entities to achieve on-ground local research to address key issues across its Soil Conservation Research and Development (R&D) program. WMG research is focused on non-wetting soils, methods for lime incorporation, soil compaction diagnosis and test strips of various management practices such as windrows, fertilisers, lime, wetting agents and cultivations; and long-term fertiliser use and subsequent soil fertility.

      David Isbister – Chair                  Chris Wilkins – R&D Coordinator               Dr Bill Bowden – Soils Ambassador


          Anne Wilkins                                                 Dr Steve Davies                                              Helen Lethlean


              Eddy Pol                                                        Peter Negus                                                      Steve Cosh

         Kari-lee Falconer                                            Colin McAlpine                                               Erin Cahill                                    



Livestock/Wind Erosion R&D Committee

WMG delivers the latest research findings, information and technology to livestock producers to enable them to create and grow sustainable, profitable sheep and cattle enterprises. The biggest constraint to livestock production in our member area is the risk of erosion due to the relatively short pasture growing season and the fragility of our sandy soils. Being cognisant of animal health and welfare issues and the role of optimal animal nutrition to mitigate these, our main focus is directed towards improved pastures, perennial grasses, fodder shrubs and their management.

Will Browne – Chair                    Dr Gina Micke – Livestock Production                  Dr Bryon Micke

                                                                                 & Innovation Manager                   Livestock Ambassador


        Anne Wilkins                                         Helen Lethlean                                                          Dennis Martin

                                         Dennis Martin - Copy_edited-1

        Kari-lee Falconer                                Rebecca Butcher                                                           David Mills


          Zac Roberts                                         Ted Kennedy                                                            Courtney Martino


              Ted Kennedy - Copy_edited-1                         

          Andrew Viola                                          Peter Negus                                                          Ron Wilkinson 

             Peter Negus - Copy_                          grey-silhouette-of-man-hi

Women’s Committee

WMG recognises the significance of women’s contribution to agriculture and the local community. WMG promotes rural women’s development and provides links to network, share ideas, issues, information and support. WMG hosts several events throughout the year including Women, Wellbeing and Wine (WWW), informative tours and awareness workshops.

        Tracey Cook – Chair                              Anne Wilkins                    Kari-lee Falconer


            Sara Kenny                                          Tresslyn Walmsley                                    Hayley McCoy


            Keiran Sullivan                                Mel White                                                     Robyn Brockman



Horticulture/Water Resources Committee

WMG introduced the horticulture/water resources committee in 2015 led by grower interest from the emerging potato industry in the Dandaragan and Gingin areas. Growers meet regularly to discuss issues relevant to growing potatoes including soil health, water quality, seed varieties, pests and diseases and seasonal conditions.

     David Anderson – Chair                              Roy Humfries – Co Chair               Courtney Piesse

                   Image Three jpeg                 

        Greg Humfries                                          David Fox                                          Andrew Viola                        

Image Two -                                   

          Craig Ryan                                                Jo Garbin                                          Sam Calameri

Image Four -                                           grey-silhouette-of-man-hi
          David Hurst                                                                                          


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