West Midlands Group Overview

The West Midlands Group is a farmer driven organisation delivering research and extension services to the Medium – High rainfall areas in the West Midlands farming region of Western Australia. The West Midlands Group operates within the shires of Gingin, Chittering, Dandaragan, Moora and Coorow.

Our Vision
Dynamic, innovative and sustainable farming.

Our Mission
Provide excellence in research, development and extension initiatives for the West Midlands Region of Western Australia.

Principal Purpose
To protect and enhance the natural environment by the encouragement of sustainable farming practices.

In furtherance of carrying out the principal purpose, the West Midlands Group may undertake the following activities:
(i) the commissioning or carrying out of research and development activities into the protection or enhancement of soil, water and air quality;
(ii) provision of information and education;
(iii) undertaking soil conservation works;
(iv) undertaking works to protect and enhance biodiversity;
(v) undertaking work to improve air and water quality;
(vi) promoting the principles of ecologically sustainable development amongst the farming community; and


Group History

In the 1990’s there were several LCDC group’s in the west midlands area. These groups focused on extensive farm mapping, soil health, vermin control, fencing native vegetation, and generally protecting the environment whilst maintaining production on farms. These groups included:

  • Dandaragan Shire LCDC
  • Agaton LCDC
  • Koojan-Gillingarra LCDC
  • Arrowsmith LCDC
  • Bibby Springs Group
  • Boothendarra LCDC
  • Caren Caren LCDC
  • Hill River Group
  • Lake Indoon Catchment Management Group

These groups decided to amalgamate and in 2003 became the West Midlands Group Natural Resource Group Incorporated.


2003 – West Midlands Natural Resource Group Incorporated

On the 31st December 2003 the West Midlands Natural Resource Group was officially incorporated and was set up to work closely with the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council to cover the West Midlands Region which stretches from Lancelin in the south to the Coolimba Coast (just north of Leeman) in the north and from Three Springs to just west of Moora in the east. The groups core functions were the same as those of the LCDC’s operating in the west midlands area, however included working towards NACC’s regional strategy as a sub regional group.


2008 – West Midlands Group

During the process of the strategic plan development from October 2007 to June 2008 the “West Midlands Natural Resource Group” decided a name change was needed to reflect our new direction and to minimise the perception that all we work on are NRM issues.

The strategic planning process identified that on-farm production was very important and would assist with the uptake of membership, so the direction of the group has changed along with the name. We are currently developing projects including soil conservation trials, innovative sustainable farming systems and new technology as well as welcoming the horticulture industry to the region. The group still maintains its NRM roots and works on rabbit and fox baiting, maintaining remnant vegetation, protecting waterways and generally raising awareness of the environment across the region and the impacts that we have.
Click on the link below to view the WMG Constitution:

West Midlands Group Constitution

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