Deep ripping trial

Location: Badgingarra


Project Start Date: January 2016


Project End Date: June 2017


Funding: sourced from the GRDC / Department of Agriculture and Food WA


Project Aim: This project will enhance the natural environment by improving the quality of the soil resource. This will be achieved by implementing strategies that will ameliorate subsoil compaction issues.


The aim is to identify optimum depth of tillage required to mitigate compaction and to investigate if responses to compaction are affected by nitrogen.


This project is part of a GRDC subsoil constraints project, with David Hall, DAFWA Esperance.  In addition to this, David Hall is contracting work to Yvette Oliver, CSIRO to undertake modelling work and research at Pete Negus’ trial on different tillage mechanisms for non-wetting and subsoil acidity research.


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