Testing innovative methods to incorporate lime into sandplain soils

Location: Warradarge


Project Start Date: October 2014


Project End Date: May 2016


Project Aim: The aim is to develop and test new approaches for incorporating lime into acidic subsoils for both non-wetting sandplain and gravelly soils. The incorporation of lime will likely help address non-wetting soil by inverting the topsoil while lifting subsoil seams to the surface. This project will provide information to growers that will assist them in protecting the natural soil resource. Both non-wetting soils and soil acidity are significant environmental issues that increase the risk of soil erosion.


The objective is to give growers a robust, reliable and cost effective system of inverting soils and achieving lime incorporation into acidic subsoils in a broadacre context. It is intended that the system is flexible so that it can be modified for different soil types and different situations across the State.


This will involve modifying one-way discs (Chamberlain plough) in order to increase the inversion of the soil to a depth of at least 30cm (12 inches) for sandy soils and 25cm (10 inches) for gravel soils effectively incorporating surface applied lime into the subsoil.


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