Pest Control in the West Midlands

Location: West Midlands area, particularly agricultural land neighbouring the Wanagarren Nature Reserve, Nambung, Badgingarra, Southern Beekeepers National Park and unallocated crown land.


Project Start Date: January 2014


Project End Date: December 2014


Funding: sourced from the State Governments Natural Resource Management Program


Project Aim: Vermin, such as rabbits and foxes are a major problem in the West Midlands region causing damage to both farming systems and native wildlife. Community baiting programs are an effective way of controlling vermin by reducing the population in a large area.
This project continues the work already achieved in our previously funded State NRM Community Action project, “Sustaining our environmental and agricultural assets through vermin control in the West Midlands, WA” where steps were taken to protect rare flora and fauna via baiting.
The West Midlands Group (WMG) will work with landholders and supporting partnering organisations to:
Advertise two ‘hot baiting periods’, by disseminating information to all landholders in the west midlands area
Coordinate one 1080 Safety Handling course in Eneabba in partnership with Department of Agriculture & Food WA
Coordinate with commercial licensed s7 outlets to ensure the supply of subsidised baits.
Coordinate and administer a ‘hot baiting period’ in 2014 together with the Department of Parks and Wildlife, by providing subsidised rabbit and fox baits to landholders in the West Midlands Region
Coordinate a rabbit, feral cat and fox shoot through the Red Card for Rabbits and Foxes program, which donates $5.00 for every fox and feral cat shot over the weekend to the Royal Flying Doctors Service
Document the number of 1080 meat baits taken, the number of foxes, rabbits and cats shot between January-September; and also any anecdotal observations that landholders may make
Publicise results achieved in local and regional media

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