Tedera and Lebeckia

Location: 3 sites associated with WA Landskills (Lancelin), West Midlands Group (Dandaragan), Liebe Group (Buntine)


Project Start Date: January 2016


Project End Date: May 2017


Funding: Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC)
Project Aim: The sandplain soils of the Northern Agricultural Region would benefit greatly from the addition of a perennial pasture legume. These soils are infertile, highly leaching with a low carbon content. They also have poor nutrient holding capacities and as a consequence are also prone to wind erosion and salinity. The R & D conducted as part of this project will address these significant environmental issues.

WMG will work with Liebe Group and Landskills to demonstrate the two plant types, Tedera and Lebeckia in large 1-2ha plots. This will provide farmers the opportunity to assess the suitability of these perennial pasture legumes for their farming system. As part of the project demonstration plots will be showed cased at field days and field walks, together with the distribution of information via various forms of media.

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