Protecting remnant vegetation

Location: West Midlands Region, WA


Project State Date: November 2011


Project End Date: December 2012


Funded: State Government’s Natural Resource Management program


Project Partners: DEC, Jenny Borger – Botanical Consultant, Shire of Dandaragan, Shire of Carnamah, Shire of Coorow, Land for Wildlife Program


Project Aim: The West Midlands region has exceptional species richness, particularly in and near the Mt Lesueur National Park and areas surrounding Eneabba.


Since settlement, 53% of vegetation in the West Midlands area has been cleared to make way for agriculture, mining and other development.


This project is Stage One of a two stage project which aims to protect a portion of the remaining remnant vegetation, which exists on privately owned land. The West Midlands Group will work with landholders and supporting partner organisations to:

  • Erect 15km of fencing by providing incentives to landholders in the form of voluntary agreements, to protect approximately 100ha of native vegetation which will in some cases, create corridors to link National Parks and Reserves in a network that allows for wildlife movement.

  • Contract the services of a botanist to ground truth detailed vegetation surveys for each landholder. This process will increase landholder awareness of the high priority and declared flora present.

  • Create site management plans detailing short and long term measures to actively conserve sites.

  • Establish photo monitoring stations for each site and take the first set of photos in order to provide baseline photographic data. Demonstrate this procedure and encourage landholders to take photos in forthcoming years to illustrate changes in vegetation condition.

  • Extend floristic facts to all landholders via regular newspaper/newsletter articles and email updates throughout the life of the project.

  • Publicise results achieved in local and regional media.

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