Pyp Grass project

Location:  Shire of Dandaragan


Project End Date:  December 2012


Funding: sourced from the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council


Project Aim: To extend the work that has already occurred in Cervantes, to eradicate the infestation of Pyp Grass from the coastal dunes in Jurien Bay.  To achieve this, the project will work with the Jurien Bay Herbarium Group and a consultant from Regen 4 Environmental Services to:-


  • Work with interested community members to map the distribution of Pyp Grass through the Jurien Bay dunes, increasing coastal and weed management skills within the local community and learn from field mapping activities;


    Produce 1 x map that clearly identifies the distrubution of Pyp Grass infestations in the project area, whilst noting other key weed species found whilst mapping Pyp Grass distributions;


    Host one meeting with interested community members, Shire of Dandaragan, West Midlands Group and Jurien Bay Herbarium Group to present a draft map to stakeholders in Jurien Bay. Then finalise the plan after review and input from key stakeholders.

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