Stage Three: protecting vegetation

Location: Eneabba


Project Start Date: March 2015


Project End Date: May 2016


Funding: sourced from the State Governments Natural Resource Management Program


Project Aim: The West Midlands region has exceptional species richness, particularly in and near the Mt Lesueur National Park and areas surrounding Eneabba. Much of the vegetation in the West Midlands region is low heath or scrub heath on lateritic soil or sandplain, commonly referred to as ‘Kwongan’. In WA these areas have long been recognised as important.


Since settlement, 53% of vegetation in the West Midlands area has been cleared to make way for agriculture, mining and other development.


This Stage Three project continues the work already achieved in Stage One & Two, which aims to protect another 70ha’s of remnant vegetation, by erecting 4km’s of fencing, which exists on privately owned land.


With this funding a range of services will be provided including: a summary of the type of flora and fauna living on their farm from the Land for Wildlife program, a contribution towards the cost of fencing material, as well as technical advice on how to manage the remnant into the future.


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