Case Studies

Want to find out more? Have a read through WMG’s case studies featuring, real projects, real people and real stories:



The Evergreen Farming Group website also has a wide selection of case studies about how local West Midlands Group growers, have introduced sub-tropical perennial pastures into their farming systems to increase feed and stock carrying capacity.

WMG Farmers Adopting Sub-Tropical Perennial Grasses



Read here to find out why John and Judith Browne of Warradarge protected the Warradarge Creek system on their property.

Breakaway – John and Judith Browne


Soil Conservation

Read here to find out how Judeen Nominees have increased their cropping capacity and management of grain storage during harvest.

Grain Storage Protocols & Aeration Systems in the West Midlands Region

Read here to find out how growers in the northern agricultural region are employing innovative strategies to improve their soil pH across WA.

Soil acidity management strategies throughout Western Australia


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