WMG is governed by a central management board consisting of locals representing different facets of agriculture in our region.

Murray Grey

Tim Hayes
Vice Chairperson

Mieke Bohlen
Duncan Glasfurd


To ensure West Midlands Group’s work is farmer-driven, we have four committees each representing a sector of our region. These committees meet regularly throughout the year to share ideas, issues, experiences and challenges to help direct our research and extension activities.

Cropping R&D Committee
David Isbister - Chairperson
Erin Cahill
Steve Cosh
Stephen Davies
Duncan Glasfurd 
Tim Hayes 
Brianna Hindle 
David Hurst 
Helen Lethlean 
Peter Negus 
Eddy Pol
Jeremy Roberts
Charles Roberts 
Bill Bowden 

Livestock R&D Committee
Will Browne - Chairperson
Rebecca Butcher
Duncan Glasfurd
Brianna Hindle
Ted Kennedy
Helen Lethlean
Dennis Martin
Bryon Micke
David Mills
Geoff Moore
Peter Negus
Chris Patmore
Chris Poole
Zac Roberts
Charles Roberts
Andrew Viola
Ron Wilkinson
Women’s Committee
Tracey Cook - Chairperson
Georgie Day
Kari-Lee Falconer
Jade Stoney
Shae Butler
Kirra Holley

Horticulture/Water Resources Committee
David Anderson    
Carolina Brander
David Fox
Jo Garbin
Greg Humfrey
David Hurst
Courtney Piesse
Craig Ryan
Andrew Viola
Brian White