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This week's episode has literally come from a paddock near you! We caught up with Dandaragan farmer, Zac Roberts in a paddock full of perennials on Strathmore in Dandaragan to talk all things pasture improvement. Zac farms with his father Wade and brother Jeremy on approximately 10,000 hectares spread across four properties within the Dandaragan Shire. The Roberts family run a mixed enterprise made up of 30% cropping and 70% livestock, and have been experimenting with pasture improvement for roughly 15 years, with much success! Recorded on the 4th of June 2020, this conversation covers Zac's experience improving pastures with perennials and annuals. 

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West Midlands Group 2019 Pasture Trial Results:

Pasture experts as recommended by Zac were; Phil Barret-Leonard -, follow Phil on Twitter @pbl1972; Angelo Loi -; Grant Bain -; and you can follow Clayton South on Twitter @CJSouth6
You can also follow Zac on Twitter @zacroberts80